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Mafia II to get Nvidia-enhanced effects for PC version

We still have several months to go before the release of Mafia II in late August but today publisher 2K Games sent over word that the long awaited open world crime action game will be getting some Nvidia-based enhancements for its PC port. The game will support hardware game physics through PhysX as well as Nvidia's 3D Vision technology.

In addition, 2K Games says that the PC version of Mafia II will be the first PC game that will support Nvidia's APEX Clothing technology that will allow for more realistic clothing animation for the game's characters. In addition, Nvidia's APEX Particles technology will also be a part of the game. It will allow for more realistic in-game destruction. For example, shooting a Tommy Gun at a brick wall in the game will chip at the brick until it breaks into pieces.

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