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E3 2010: G4TV recruiting for booth babes

E3 2009 was not only a return to the big trade show event version of our favorite week of the year in games (we are still trying to forget those two horrible years of just media folks going to meeting rooms). It was also a return for the booth babes. Some people love to see them and other want this trade show tradition thrown out with the baby water. But they are definitely coming back for E3 2010.

G4TV had several booth babes at their E3 2009 exhibit hall space and this year they are asking potential female models and spokespeople to submit a video of themselves saying why they should be the official G4 booth babe. Submissions must be made by May 19. A group of judges will then pick a number of video submissions and post them on the G4 web site where readers can vote for their favorite booth babe from May 24-June 4. The top three vote getters then go through another G4 judging panel and they will pick the final winner. That woman will be flown to Los Angeles to be G4's booth babe at E3 2010. And it's likely we will take a picture of the winner. And it's likely you will look at it. Don't pretend you won't.

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