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Epic Games: Unreal Engine 4 will dominate next-gen game development

Epic Games has been highly successful in marketing and selling its Unreal Engine 3 game development tools to developers. Late last year Epic even released a nearly complete version of the engine for free via the Unreal Development Kit. But Epic is already prepping their work for their next iteration, Unreal Engine 4.

Edge Online chatted with Epic president Mike Capps and when asked if Unreal Engine 4 will dominate the middleware industry as much as Unreal Engine 3, Capps doesn't mince words: "Are you kidding? More and better dominance!" What's not clear is when UE4 will be released. Epic is waiting for the next generation of consoles to launch. Capps states, ""Looking at the next generation, it's really murky compared to last time." He adds, "... if you look at what's happening in the PC market – Larrabee and all that – it's really taking off, and I think the jump to next generation's going to be another really big one, which is great for tech guys."

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