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Study claims PC games represent 16 percent of total US game revenues

Revenues for PC game purchases in the US are still a significant portion of the total US game market. According to a new study released today from Newzoo, 16 percent of all game-based revenues went to PC games (about $4.15 million) compared to 60 percent from consoles (the study didn't break down specific console revenues). MMO games were seen as a separate category from PC games (even though the vast majority are based on the PC platform) and account for another 8 percent of total revenues or $2.12 million.

The US actually lags in terms of revenue percentages from PC games compared to other countries. According to the report, France has 19 percent of their game revenue go to PC games while the UK had 20 percent. Germany is still a huge PC game market; a whopping 36 percent of its game revenues go to the PC platform. The full report is based on a survey of over 13,000 people aged eight and up.

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