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Green Man Gaming PC used digital game site launches Sunday

Earlier this year we reported that a new PC gaming download site was in development in the UK. Green Man Gaming claimed that they would allow people to purchase and download PC games from their site and then sell off the license to the game once they are done with it back to the web site for credit (not cash) to purchase other games from the site. Now comes word that the site will officially launch on Sunday. The site is primarily for UK users but anyone can purchase and download games from the site; you just have to purchase the games in UK pounds.

Videogamesdaily.com (which admits it has entered into an agreement with Green Man Gaming to provide a blog on their site) has more info on how the used PC game site will actually work. It also reveals some of the publishers contributing games on the site including Paradox Interactive, 1C Company and others. We are still highly skeptical about this service (we think hackers could disrupt this site's business plan) but if it works perhaps it will offer PC gamers an alternative from other sites like Steam.

[Via Blue's News]

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