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Alpha Protocol PC DRM limits explained

The PC version of the upcoming super-spy RPG Alpha Protocol will be using a DRM set-up like most PC titles. However, in a extensive FAQ post on publisher Sega's message board it's clear that the DRM won't be the draconian style of "always on" internet set up that is currently in place for many Ubisoft PC titles. Basically the game does require a PC to activate the game and start playing but after that a net connection is not needed.

Sega is letting gamers have activations for 5 PCs on one license key and you can deactivate the key on your machine if you wish. There's even a way to activate a license to run the game on a PC without net access that's explained in the FAQ. Perhaps most importantly, Sega states that they will eliminate the DRM set up for Alpha Protocol via a patch about 18-24 months after the game is released.

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