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Left 4 Dead 2 Bleed Out mode launches; new Boomer plush toy revealed

As promised, Valve has introduced a new Mutation mode for their zombie co-op shooter Left 4 Dead 2. The new mode, which will be active for one week online, is called Bleed Out and can be played in Campaign mode only. As you might guess from the title your characters in Bleed Out mode only have temporary health that slowly seeps away. There are no health packs in the maps in this mode. You have to rely on just pain pills and adrenaline shots to stay alive. Oh, and you still have zombies to shoot.

Valve employees will be online this weekend to play Bleed Out; the Left 4 Dead 2 blog site has the list of Valve Steam names you can look out for. And one more thing; Valve has the cutest looking Boomer plush toy that you can purchase in the Valve online store. The toy even sounds out 10 authentic Boomer sounds from the game (batteries not included).


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