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All You Need To Know: Darksiders

Games that are coming out soon have a lot of unknowns that the average person might not know. Who is this character inspired by? Is all the talk of volumetric fog or cel-shaded graphics really worthwhile? Do the game mechanics really seem solid, or are they lackluster? In All You Need To Know we provide information to help you fully appreciate what these upcoming games have to offer.

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Judeochristian mythology is a gold mine for game writers and designers. There's tons of situations and characters in the Torah, Talmud, Bible, Qu'Ran, and all related works. These plot devices are ripe for exploitation, and three games recently take this to an extreme. Two of them, Bayonetta and Dante's Inferno, are not coming to PC. The third, however, is. Darksiders is a hyper-violent spectacle of an apocalypse with noted comic author and scribe Joe Madureira as the creative director. Naturally, it's all about the atmosphere and experience, and it has already been released on consoles to reasonable critical acclaim. Now it's coming to PC, and it's time to find out all we can about this wildly destructive action game and see if what makes it so good on consoles will translate well to a PC.

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