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Activision to publish Bungie's future games; will they come to the PC?

In the midst of their issues with current and ex-Infinity Ward team members, publisher Activision Blizzard made a major move today with their announcement that they will be the publisher for Halo creators Bungie for the next 10 years. The agreement will have the publisher release Bungie's next original game franchise which will be in the action genre but Bungie will retain full ownership of those games.

The big question: will those games be released for the PC? Bungie has been an Xbox/Xbox 360 exclusive developer for all of its Halo games under Microsoft, including this fall's Halo: Reach. Activision stated their agreement with Bungie for their new game franchise covers multiple platforms so there's a big chance that we could see Bungie's next game come to your hard drive.

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