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ArenaNet launches blog with Guild Wars 2 design info

Today is the fifth anniversary of the release of Guild Wars. It's also the 10th anniversary for the game's developer ArenaNet. So it would be the perfect time for the developer to finally launch a blog site. And what do you know? They have gone ahead and done just that.

In their first blog entry, ArenaNet's Mike O'Brian goes over some of the design decisions they are making for the upcoming MMO sequel Guild Wars 2. He insists if you like MMOs you will like Guild Wars 2 but even if you hate MMOs, "then you should really check out Guild Wars 2." He states that all MMORPGs should be great RPG titles and that's what they are going for with their next game. Also the social aspect will be emphasized. There will be no need to join a guild to have a PvE experience in Guild Wars 2. O'Brian states," . . . you can just naturally play with all the people around you"

As we have reported before, Guild Wars players are currently participating in an in-game event that ties into the storyline for Guild Wars 2.

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