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Steam offers Rockstar Games collection at 50 percent off this week

Valve may have just kicked off their new Steam web site and user interface for its client but that doesn't mean that they are slacking up on their game sales. Today they kicked off a week-long sale of their Rockstar Collection. It's a bundle of all 13 games that Steam sells from publisher Rockstar Games. For one week only the bundle costs just $42.49 for all 13 games.

But that's not all. Throughout the week Steam will cut the price of individual games from Rockstar down to the bone for brief periods of time (a couple of hours or so). One such sale for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is now active. The price of that game will be just $2.50 from now until 6 pm Eastern time. You can get instant notification of other brief sales all this week if you join the official Steam Community group for Rockstar Games.


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