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First Doctor Who: The Adventure Games footage released; first game coming June 5

Earlier this month the BBC announced their plans to finally release the first official PC/Mac games based on their long running sci-fi TV series Doctor Who. Now the BBC has released the first gameplay trailer from Doctor Who The Adventure Games. It also reveals that the first episode in the series will be released on June 5.

As we have reported before, there will actually be four epsiodes released for Doctor Who: The Adventure Games and that all will be released via download for free for the PC and the Mac. Sumo Digital is developing the game and Charles Cecil, creator of the Broken Sword series, is helping to develop the games. The current Doctor, Matt Smith, will lend his voice to the game along with Karen Gillam who portrays his companion, Amy Pond, in the new series.

By the way, how cool is the new Doctor Who series? We really enjoyed the first episode as both a stand alone story and as an obviously set-up for the entire season. The final scene certainly sets up some interesting plot developments.


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