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Crytek CEO: Not sure there will be a Crysis 2 demo

While Crytek released a free single player version of the original Crysis and also released a free LAN only version of Crysis Wars (with the ability to be turned into a free online supported game from time to time) it's not certain that Crytek will offer a free demo of their upcoming shooter Crysis 2. Develop reports that Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli stated, "That's something we need to think about, because we haven't fully decided on this yet."

In fact Yerli believe we may see less and less free demos released in the game industry overall, saying, " it becomes prohibitively expensive" to made them. He also feels that publisher Electronic Arts' announced plans to possibly explore ways to release a small version of a full game for $10 or $15 is "interesting." Yerli believes EA plans in this regard have not been explained fully, adding, "I understand why people are thinking that all EA wants to do is maximise profits out of the audience, but really, what it's really trying to do is get investment back but while being as fair to the gamer as much as it can. Ultimately, it will be a better deal for the game."

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