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New Silent Hill game coming to the PC?

In 2008, Konami released Silent Hill: Homecoming for the PC as a Steam exclusive digital download. Now comes word that the next game in the popular survival horror game series is being targeted for the PC as well. 1Up.com reports that Konami is teasing us with word that the next game in the Silent Hill series (which doesn't have an official title yet) will be fully revealed at E3 in June.

The article claims that the game is being developed by Vatra Games, a studio formed last year by former members of 2K Czeck (the Mafia series). A PDF document from Digital Development Management states that Vatra is indeed working on a "major franchise" for a "top tier publisher" for the PC and other platforms that will be released in the first quarter of 2011, which makes it likely that the new Silent Hill game could be on its way to the PC as well.


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