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Crytek plans to release free version of CryEngine 3

Giving high end game development tools to the general masses got a big boost in 2009 thanks to Epic Games releasing the Unreal Development Kit for free and Unity releasing a free version of their Unity engine. Now Develop reports that Crytek wants to release a free version of their CryEngine 3 development tool set.

Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli pointed out that they have released free editing tools for their previous two engines for the mod community but, " it's not the same as what Epic or Unity are currently doing, but we are now pushing harder on this area." He added, " . . . we do want to make a standalone free platform that people can run independent of CryEngine that will also be up to speed with the latest engine." Crytek has already announced they will offer a free version of CryEngine 3 that can be used by schools for game development courses and research projects.

[Via VG247.com]


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