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Batman Arkham Asylum action figures revealed

How many action figures based on Batman do you think have been released? The answer for some of you might be, "Way too many," and others might say, "Not close to enough." Well we will soon have another set of figures based on the Caped Crusader. The magazine Toyfare (via the Previewsworld web site) has announced they will have the exclusive reveal of the Batman: Arkham Asylum action figures in their June 2010 issue.

The line, from DC Direct, is of course based on the hit Rocksteady-Eidos-Warner Bros. Interactive game from 2009 that will soon be re-released as a Game of the Year version in May. There's not much info on what the action figure line will contain or when they will be available; obviously the magazine issue will be the first place to get the details.

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