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StarCraft II Collector's Edition announced [Update]

We were wondering if Blizzard was going to come out with a Collector's Edition of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty and they are not disappointing us. The developer has just announced their plans to do just that with their upcoming sci-fi RTS game. While the standard edition of the game will be priced at $59.99 the Collector's Edition, available only in retail stores, will set you back a whopping $99.99.

And what do you get for that extra $40? You get a 2GB flash drive that looks like the dog tags of StarCraft's main human character Jim Raynor that contains the original StarCraft game and its expansion Brood War. You also get a 172 page StarCraft II art book, a behind-the-scenes DVD with documentaries, the game's cinematics with commentary and more, the game's soundtrack with extra bonus music tracks, and a copy of issue 0 of the StarCraft comic book. You also get a way to download exclusive stuff from Battle.net like special portraits for your player profile, decals to customize your in-game units and a special version of the Thor unit.

And if you happen to be a World of Warcraft player, you might want to pony up for the StarCraft II Collector's Edition. It also comes with a mini Thor in-game pet for Blizzard's hit MMO. Sadly Blizzard is still not announcing a release date for the game.

Update: We have added a gallery showing some of what's inside the Collector's Edition box

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