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3D Realms president answer's fans questions on Duke Nukem and more

The web service Formspring allows people to set up web accounts and then gives everyone else a chance to have their questions answered by the person on the page. George Broussard, the president of 3D Realms, has set up his Formspring account to let fans grill him on any number of topics.

He pulls no punches in addressing his views on things like streaming game services such as OnLive ("I think these will all be failures and I have a hard time taking them seriously") Japanese RPGs ("Can't stand them") and the best barbecue in the Dallas area ("We used to go to lunch at Soulman's BBQ and Spring Creek BBQ all the time.". There are also a number of questions concerning the Duke Nukem franchise although when ask if we will ever get to see Duke Nukem Forever, Broussard states, "Magic 8-Ball says 'Concentrate and ask again.'"


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