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All You Need To Know: Lead And Gold

Games that are coming out soon have a lot of unknowns that the average person might not know. Who is this character inspired by? Is all the talk of volumetric fog or cel-shaded graphics really worthwhile? Do the game mechanics really seem solid, or are they lackluster? In All You Need To Know we provide information to help you fully appreciate what these upcoming games have to offer.

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Western games are a polarizing franchise. On one hand, there's games like Outlaws or Red Dead Revolver, which really capture what makes us so smitten with the setting of the Wild West. The lawlessness and faux-honor of it all. On the other hand are games like Gun, which might be good, but somehow fail to emulate what we love. Lead and Gold aims to be a multiplayer shooter that fits solidly into the first category, but it has pretty big boots to fill. As it is an indie game, it's not received a whole lot of hype from the mainstream media, but that doesn't exempt it from a critical eye. It's time to take a peek at this upcoming multilayer-only title and see if it will measure up to the expectations created by other great games.


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