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New DirectX 11-supported game engine, BitSquid Tech, announced

Game developers have lot of third party game graphics engines to choose from, from Epic's Unreal Engine to Valve's Source Engine to id's id Tech 5 and others. Now a newly revealed company called BitSquid has announced that their BitSquid Tech graphics engine will soon be made available to PC game developers for licening.

The Sweden-based company is made up of members of Fatshark, the developers of the upcoming Western-themed multiplayer shooter Lead and Gold, along with members of the now defunct developer GRIN. The company has plans to release a public demo of their engine in the next couple of weeks. The demo, titled StoneGiant, supports DirectX 11 graphics and will allow gamers to benchmark their gaming PCs. You can check out a video of the demo after the jump:

Download HD StoneGiant DirectX 11 Benchmark Video (183 MB)


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