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PAX East 2010 officially sold out

We gave you lots of warning ahead of time and now if you didn't get a chance to buy passes ahead of time for the first ever PAX East event . . . .well, better luck next year. The official PAX Twitter page stated today, "That's it. we're 100 [percent] sold out of badges." If you though there were going to be a few available at the door during the event that starts a week from today, too bad.

While the organizers of PAX are not saying exactly how many people will be attending the Boston based PAX East, it's fair to say that the number of attendees will be close to, if not over than, the number of people who attend the Seattle based mothership show in the fall. That means we could see around 60,000 people or so for the first ever PAX East. That will be very impressive, especially considering that PAX East won't have as many big time game publishers as exhibitors as the main PAX event normally gets.


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