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This Week In PC Games: March 15-21

Continuing with a busy March for new game releases, this week has gamers looking forward to a new game in a classic RTS series, an expansion pack to last year's big PC RPG and a post-apocalypse shooter with some high end graphics.

Command and Conquer 4: Electronic Arts is promoting this latest entry in the pioneering RTS series as the final chapter of the Kane-Tiberium storyline. New features include RPG-lite elements, a class-based system, changes to the game's traditional resources model and a persistent ranking system that requires the game to always be signed onto the internet in order to work.
Dragon Age Origins: Awakening. A mere five months after the original Dragon Age Origins was released, Electronic Arts releases this full commercial expansion pack to BioWare's hit fantasy RPG game. Pricy at $39.99, the expansion features the player trying to rebuild the order of Grey Wardens. Look for a raise to the original game's level cap, more monsters, more spell and generally more stuff
Metro 2033: Russian-based developer 4A Games and publisher THQ releases this single player only post-apocalypse shooter from publisher THQ where players will mostly stay underground in the former Moscow subway system. Metro 2033 will be one of the few PC games that supports DirectX 11 graphics.


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