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StarCraft II beta Mac client, map editor and content update coming in April

With the multiplayer beta for StarCraft II now well underway, the folks at Blizzard decided to hold a chat via their Twitter page to answer some of the fan's questions about their current and future plans for the upcoming sci-fi RTS sequel. The Battle.net forums have the full transcript of the chat.

The Blizzard team revealed that a major content update will be added to the beta sometime in mid-April. That update will add some Achievements to the game for the first time along with some improvements for voice chat and "a whole lot more." You can expect more maps to be added to the beta including some for 3v3 and 4v4 player matcches. In addition the Mac beta client should also be released in April and the team also hopes to release a beta version of the game's map editor around the end of April. The chat transcript has tons of other info about the beta and is pretty much a must read.

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