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Razer releases SDK for upcoming motion sensor-based PC controller

Last January at CES 2010, PC gaming controller maker Razer announced a partnership with Sixense to release a motion sensor-based PC game controller. A prototype of the device was demoed at CES using Valve's first person shooter Left 4 Dead 2. Now Razer has announced that the SDK for their still unreleased PC motion controller is now available for free download via Steam.

The download is available under the "Tools" section of Steam and is labeled "Sixense TrueMotion SDK." Razer says the tools can be used by game developers to adapt their own games to work with their upcoming product with "virtually no knowledge of the inner workings of the controller." Razer stated in their press release they were able to work with Valve to get their controller to work with Left 4 Dead 2 in less than two weeks with the tools. Valve's Greg Coomer states, "Together with Razer and Sixense, we are designing new, more enjoyable gameplay mechanics in Left 4 Dead 2, as well as future Valve titles." There's still no word on when the actual controller will be released.

[Via email press release]


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