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EA: Look for lots of Battlefield Bad Company 2 DLC in next six months

Battlefield Bad Company 2 seems to be a pretty successful game (multiplayer server issues notwithstanding). So what do you do with a popular first person shooter? If you are publisher Electronic Arts you keep releasing paid downloadable content to the title.

Electronic Arts' chief financial offers Eric Brown made an address today at the Wedbush Securities 8th Annual New York MAC Conference (you can listen to the repeat at EA's investor web site). He stated Battlefield Bad Company 2 was going to be getting an "extensive paid digital content plan" for the next six months. Brown stated that fans of the game will get "multiple opportunities to spend $5, $10 or $15 on additional content." EA has already released two new free maps for free on the first day of the game's shipment to stores. It has also announced plans to release two more free maps by the end of the month.

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