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Jace Hall Show shows off unannounced Warner Bros. Interactive game

The third season of the web series The Jace Hall Show has posted up its sixth and (for now) final epiosde (it's just going on hiatus) but the IGN-sponsored web site managed to get a first look at an unannounced and unnamed game from publisher Warner Bros. Interactive (where Jace Hall used to be president of).

After some humorous banter about how Hall almost brought down Warner Bros Interactive while he ran the division (at least we think it's supposed to be humorous) the publisher execs give in and let Hall film five seconds of an unnamed future game. As you can see from the above image it appears to be a first person shooter title but that's all we can gather from the footage. You can check out the entire episode, which features a throw down with Randy Jackson, a 11 year old Jace Hall and a surprise ending, after the jump:


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