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Cross platform play demos on PC, mobile phone and Xbox 360

Cross platform play between PC and Xbox 360 games has been few and far between in the last few years, but is Microsoft getting ready to make that happen more frequently? Our sister site Engadget points over to a recent demo shown on YouTube where a simple casual platformer game is seen being played on a Windows Phone series 7 prototype phone, a PC and an Xbox 360. The demo states the game can be saved on one platform and then played again with the same saved data on either one of the other platforms.

While this demo is pretty impressive it's another thing entirely for game developers to get excited by this prospect. Again only a tiny amount of PC games have been made to play online with their Xbox 360 counterparts (Shadowrun, Lost Planet Colonies and Universe at War: Earth Assault) and that tech has been in place for about three years now.

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