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Epic Games to show off new Unreal Engine 3 features at GDC

So what is Epic Games up to lately? We could get an inkling very soon. The developer of the Unreal game franchise and makers of the Unreal Engine sent over word that they will be showing off new Unreal Engine 3 features at their booth during the Game Developers Conference next week.

Epic plans to show off a new outdoor foliage demo during their GDC event that will put the spotlight on their new engine features. That includes a new procedural tool that will allow for easier development of city-based game. The demo will also be shown via stereoscopic 3D and will also feature a live presentation of the upcoming Unreal Engine 3-based MMO All Points Bulletin (APB). In addition Epic's sister company Epic Games China will also show off their MMO-themed Atlas technology at GDC. Don't look for an announcement concerning Unreal Engine 4, though. As we reported recently, the next big version of the engine is still a long ways from being revealed. However its possible we could get some hints about their upcoming game projects.


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