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Valve sending web sites hints about big Apple-Mac related announcement [Update]

Valve has already been spending a lot of time with its Portal ARG (hinting strongly about a possible Portal sequel announcement) but it also looks like that's not the only thing they are planning to announce in the near future. Several web sites including Shacknews, Eurogamer, Rock Paper Shotgun, and two Mac web sites (MacNN and MacRumors) have received images that indicate Valve is finally making the move to Apple's Mac platform.

The images that each site received correspond to a particular Valve game (Shacknews got Team Fortress 2, Eurogamer got Left 4 Dead, MacNN got Portal and MacRumors got Half-Life). Rock Paper Shotgun got the Steam-Mac teaser which is a big hint that Valve' successful PC games download service is also coming to Apple's machines. The dots at the bottom of each teaser image indicate a sixth image could be released. But what will it show . . and what web site, if any, will show it?

Update: We have our answer: MacWorld got the final image which is a recreation of Apple's 1984 Super Hero ad with Half-Life 2's Alyx Vance

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