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R.U.S.E. gets June 3 release date; open beta to begin March 9

Earlier this week we were teased by Ubisoft that some major news was to be announced about their upcoming WWII RTS game R.U.S.E. Well today is the day and there are actually two big news bits to report. The first, which comes from Ubisoft's YouTube channel, is a release date for the game. The Eugen Systems-developed title is now scheduled to be released on June 3.

The other bit of news, which comes from their Twitter page, is the announcement of an open beta for the game, which will be available to anyone who has a Steam account. The open beta begins on March 9 but there's no word on what content it will contain. In the meantime you can check out a new YouTube video after the jump, where the game's producer talks about new features they have added to R.U.S.E. since the closed beta test. Those features include support for ranked matches, a new free-for-all gameplay mode called Annihilation and more.


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