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The Week In PC Games: March 1-7

The first week of March brings a ton of PC games to fans including a first person shooter, a sci-fi RTS sequel and a WWII naval sim game:

Battlefield Bad Company 2: While the first game in the first person shooter series skipped the PC, developer Digital Illusions is making up for that by giving the PC port for the sequel a lot of unique features compared to the consoles. Up to 32 players in multiplayer? Check. Dedicated servers? Check. DirectX 11 support? Check. Will this game be the Modern Warfare 2 killer? Stay tuned.
Supreme Commander 2 - Developer Gas Powered Games releases this sequel to their acclaimed 2007 sci-fi RTS game, this time via publisher Square Enix. Look for instant tech upgrades, a better user interface and of course lots huge units and explosions.
Silent Hunter 5: Developer/publisher Ubisoft releases the latest entry in their naval WWII simulation series which lets you become a German U-boat captain. This is perhaps the first Ubisoft PC game that will use their controversial "always on" DRM internet set-up.
Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing: Delayed from last week, the PC version of this kart racing game from developer Sumo Digital and publisher Sega will be released as a PC download exclusive. Characters from the Sonic games race against other Sega branded characters in 27 tracks.
Major League Baseball 2K10: Developer/publisher 2K Sports releases their latest pro baseball game for the PC platform.
Star Wolves 3: This space-based action RPG comes via download on Steam from publisher 1C Company.
Clover: A Curious Tale: This week's indie game release comes from Binary Tweed who have revamped and expanded their very different looking 2D political allegory game to the PC.


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