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EA offers deal on Dragon Age Origins if you buy Awakening expansion

March is going to be one very busy month for PC gamers with a ton of AAA games planned to ship to stores or available via digital download. One of those games is Dragon Age: Origins The Awakening, the expansion pack to BioWare's hit RPG that's coming out about five months after the release of the original game.

Now comes word that Electronic Arts' online store is giving folks who haven't bought the original Dragon Age Origins a chance to get both that game and The Awakening expansion at a solid price. The online store is offering the digital download version of The Awakening for its regular price of $39.99. However if you pre-order that game you can also get the original title for $29.97, which is 40 percent off its normal price. The Awakening expansion is scheduled for release on March 16.

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