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D&D Online brings in 1 million new players since switch to free-to-play

It was considered a risky move for Turbine to change their business model for Dungeons and Dragons Online from a monthly subscription basis to a free-to-play model with both micro-transactions and subscription options. Well, it seems to be working out quite well, thank you. Since the switch happened in September, Turbine says the new D&D Online has brought in 1 million new players.

While the game is generating revenue via micro-transactions from players who purchases items, adventure packs and more from the in-game store, the subscription portion of the game has also doubled since the relaunch. Turbine says that revenues for the game have shot up 500 percent since the move. Specific subscription and financial numbers were not revealed. Turbine says it plans lots of updates and will offer new adventure packs for the game in 2010. One update will be adding optional support for DirectX 11 graphics.


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