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Could browser-based games soon use DirectX 11?

Microsoft's DirectX 11 graphics API has only been used in a handful of PC games so far and at the moment only ATI makes cards that support DirectX 11 level graphics. However, one company seems to be promoting a way for game developers to produce browser-based titles with DirectX 11 graphics.

Trinigy, the makers of the Vision Engine, announced this week that the latest version, Vision Engine 8, will be available for game developers to license in April. The engine will support DirectX 11 graphics which includes support for Shader Model 5, tesselisation and soft shadows. However in addition to supporting the PC platform directly, Vision Engine 8 will also support brower games via a new plugin called WebVision. The plugin, according to the company's press release, will bring "all of the creative power of the new version to browser-based gaming." You can check out a flashy demo movie with some gameplay footage after the jump:


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