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Command & Conquer 4 dev diary plays nice in multiplayer

One of the defining features of Command & Conquer, after players have moved past the single player campaign, is a chance to test skills in multiplayer. In previous games, players have taken on largely isolated roles, even when they're on the same team. In C&C 4, players will be able to select specific classes for offense, defense and support. In choosing a class that matches their respective strengths, players can come together and form a super team - one player specializing in offensive strikes while the other builds formidable defenses to protect the base.

This feature also carries over to the single player experience. C&C 4 will have a fully cooperative campaign, but very different from what was seen in Red Alert 3. Like in competitive multiplayer, players can select roles that play to their strength, drastically impacting the game's dynamic. Gamers will have a chance to put their teamwork skills to the test when the game releases on March 16.

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