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Next StarCraft II beta invites going out within two weeks

If you went to BlizzCon in 2008 and plugged in the code from your goodie bag for a StarCraft II beta invite, you might be a little frustrated if you didn't get the invite to the multiplayer beta this week for the upcoming sci-fi RTS game. However fret not. Developer Blizzard is prepping for their next wave of beta invites and they should be going out soon-ish.

In a post on the Battle.net message boards, a Blizzard rep states, "Unfortunately, due to the sheer number of BlizzCon attendees, we could not get everyone in with the first wave. Rest assured that if you did not get into the first wave, you will be included in a future wave, possibly within the next two weeks." As we mentioned yesterday, a few people with that BlizzCon 2008 beta code card are attempting to sell that card on eBay.


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