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StarCraft II's fourth faction: just a Random symbol

IGN's fourth episode of the web series The Jace Hall Show is now up and this week concludes Jace Hall's (former head of Monolith and Warner Bros Interactive) visit to Blizzard where he sits in a "real" design meeting for StarCraft II. Hall did reveal the first public look at the female version of Diablo III's monk in an earlier episode (not a joke) but did he get an even bigger scoop from the StarCraft II team?

In a brief look at StarCraft II's Battle.Net 2.0's interface during the episode there seems to be something shown that at first seems to show a fourth playable race. However, as pointed out by our commentators, tt looks like the fourth symbol is for Random race; the interface is clearly not the same one as the StarCraft II beta so it's likely that this is an older UI set up that emphasizes the symbols more. Oh well.

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