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No more DLC for Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising; sequel hinted?

Just before the release of Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising, publisher Codemasters bragged that it had lots of future DLC plans for the military shooter. Well it looks like those plans have been cut short. Codemasters did release two DLC updates to the game after it shipped last October but now it looks like they are ending all future patches for the title.

In a post on the game's message boards, Codemasters' community manager for the game stated, "the team have now completed the "Dragon Rising" chapter of Operation Flashpoint and that's it for DR-related content going forward." However the post seems to suggest that Codemasters may already be prepping a new Op Flash title with the community manager stating, " . . . the vast majority of the team are already busy planning the future of modern combat."

Download Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising 'Skirmish DLC' Patch (232 MB)
Download Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising Overwatch DLC Patch (244 MB)
Download Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising English Demo (1.39 GB)

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