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BioShock 2 heads to NASCAR's Daytona track today

2K Games has done a number of innovative things to promote the just released first person shooter BioShock 2. That included making a phyiscal office that travels to conventions, and having viral events that led people to specific locations. Later today BioShock 2 get a new promotion but this one is a bit more mainstream in design.

During NASCAR's Nationwide Series opener at Daytona Florida later today (that's the series just below the main Sprint Cup series), driver Joey Logano will be driving the GameStop sponsored number 20 car. That car will get a new art design for nearly every race this season and it so happens the first one for 2010 is for BioShock 2. Yep, you will be seeing the Big Daddy on the hood of the car when the race begins at 1 pm Eastern time today on ESPN 2.


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