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StarCraft 2 web site offers new Battle.Net 2.0 preview

It's looking like the long awaited multiplayer beta for StarCraft II is finally getting close to launching. When Blizzard announced that the beta for the highly anticipated RTS sequel would be pushed back they said part of the reason was to make sure the 2.0 version of Battle.Net was working. Today the StarCraft II web site has posted up a new preview of Battle.Net 2.0 and how the features will be integrated into the game.

Much of the info was first revealed at BlizzCon last August. In summary, Battle.Net 2.0 will have improved matchmaking features including integrating friends list, both text and chat messaging and more. Players will see their achievements, rewards and other individual accomplishments. They will also get game news and updates even if they are playing a solo game since the gamer is always connected online to Battle.Net 2.0.

Their Real 3D feature will let family members and real life friends to create special friends list where you get to see the player's real name with their permission. StarCraft II will have full map editing features and Battle.Net 2.0 will allow for easier access for player to upload and download new user created maps. After StarCraft II is released, the online marketplace will launch that will allow players to charge money for any StarCraft II mods they create.

Hopefully this new preview of Battle.Net 2.0 means that Blizzard is close to launching the revamp along with the StarCraft II beta test. Hopefully Blizzard's parent company Activision Blizzard will offer more info on that subject as part of their quarterly financial results that will be announced Wednesday afternoon.

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