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Heroes of Neweth official release date coming in April?

While technically Heroes of Neweth has been in closed beta for several months, it's been pretty easy to gain access to the beta for S2 Games' upcoming Defense of the Ancients-inspired multiplayer RTS game. We've been awaiting word on when when the final commercial game will be released and in a recent fan podcast call HoNCast some info was revealed about the game's final release date.

S2 Games' marketing manager Laura Baker stated during the podcast that the open beta for the game would be ready "soon" and that S2 Games was going to hold a launch party for Heroes of Newerth on March 25 in San Fransisco. While that date may not be when the actual game is released, she stated they are looking at the month of April for the final commercia version of the game to be ready. As we have reported before the final version will be sold for $30.

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