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Feature: Star Trek Online Stories We Want To See

Today is the official launch date for Star Trek Online and that means Trekkers all over the nation are now either playing or wanting to play the long awaited MMO from developer Cryptic Studios and publisher Atari. The game is set several decades after the events of Star Trek Nemesis but is still firmly within Trek canon.

That means all of the events of the five Trek TV shows (The Original Series, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager and Enterprise) and the first 10 Trek movies can be referenced in the game (the new Trek movie takes place in an alternate timeline). With all that history and wealth of stories to reference we got to wondering which Trek characters, aliens and storylines we would like to see return in the game.

If you want more info on Star Trek Online before you decide to buy the game head over to our sister site Massively where they have a launch day round up of articles they have posted about the game.

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