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Ensemble co-founder working on The Settlers 7

One year ago this week, Dallas-based Ensemble Studios was forced to close its doors by its owner Microsoft despite becoming one of the most successful PC game developers in history with the multi-million selling Age of Empires series of RTS games. Many of the former Ensemble employees have moved on to other game development gigs and some have formed new studios like Robot Entertainment and Bonfire Studios. However, one of the original co-founders of Ensemble, Bruce Shelley, has been fairly silent about what he has been doing since the studio closed down.

However the newest trailer for Ubisoft's upcoming The Settlers 7 has revealed that Shelley has been hired as a game design consultant to the upcoming and latest game in the long running strategy-city building series from developer Blue Byte Software. The Settlers series has always been popular overseas but has never really been a huge success in the US. It's likely that Shelley's consulting work is an effort to broaden the game's design to it will appeal to a US audience. The game itself is in beta testing and is scheduled for a late March release.

Download HD Settlers 7 'Economy' Gameplay Video (366 MB)


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