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Valve: Steam 2009 game unit sales went up 205 percent

Valve has been notorious for keeping sales numbers generated from their Steam service to themselves. Today, however, they opened the door just a little bit on those figures. The company announced today that in 2009 unit sales of games sold on Steam went up 205 percent. Valve also said that since Steam launched in 2004 the service has experienced over 100 percent growth every year since. Steam now has over 1,000 games to download from over 100 developers and publishers.

Of course those numbers, while impressive, mean less when you consider that we have no idea exactly how many unit sales have occurred on Steam since its launch. In terms of Steam user numbers, Valve said that Steam went up to 25 million active user accounts in 2009, a 25 percent increase. 10 million users have profiles in Valve's Steam community service. In December 2009, Steam reached a peak of 2.5 million concurrent users with a monthly total of over 13 billion player minutes. All in all there are clearly a lot of folks who use Steam to download and purchase PC games and the massive growth seems to be continuing.

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