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Battlefield Heroes pitting vampires against werewolves for next month

Someone at Digital Illusions must like the Underworld movies. The developer has announced that their free-to-play shooter Battlefield Heroes is giving its players a chance to fight not as pseudo WWII combatants but as either vampires or werewolves. The special in-game event lasts for the next month.

Players can purchase special werewolf or vampire clothing and appearance bundles in the Battlefield Heroes online store. Those bundles include special attacks; the Wolf Claw (for the werewolves) or the Vampire Claw (for the vamps, natch). In addition three of the game's maps have been converted to a spooky night setting. Sorry, no Kate Beckinsale in tight leather is available. You can check out a trailer after the jump.

Download HD Battlefield Heroes 'Vampires vs Werewolves' Trailer (148 MB)

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