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More info on upcoming PC gaming trade-in download service

Earlier this month a UK-based company called Green Man Gaming announced plans to offer a PC game download service that would allow its users to trade in a PC game and get some of their money back. Now Gameindustry.biz has posted up more info about the service based on chatting with its founders.

The article (free to read with registration) says that the creators have created an algorithm that calculates a PC game's trade-in value via demand and the location pricing. When a person buys and downloads a title from Green Man Gaming that person is also given a price for the game as a trade-in. When a game is ready to be traded-in the gamer gets a credit that can go towards the purchases of other games on the site.

The creators of this upcoming service claim that the publishers will get a percentage of each PC game sold and re-sold on their site. The service is supposed to go live in the UK in March. A US launch has yet to be finalized.


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