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Interview: CD Projekt's co-founder chats about GoG.com, The Witcher 2 and more Three

What other features can we expect to be added to GoG.com in the future?

I already mentioned about our continuously growing catalog and new price points to offer even better value for money. We are also constantly working on new additional content both for the new titles, but also for the ones we've already have on GOG.com for some time. Whenever we find some cool stuff we always try to put it up and add to the featured materials, be it an additional soundtrack, a set of wallpapers or a game guide.

We are also constantly working on the speed of downloads. We have made some big changes recently, so there should be significant increases. It does depend on the user's net connection, but if you have a fast one, getting games from GOG.com should go ultra fast now.

What should be more interesting for European users is our plan to add new language versions of games. Right now we have all games available in English, but we will be adding new language versions.

From the functionality side – we are planning a major update of the whole site for Q1, but it wouldn't be a surprise if I'd list all the changes here. Let's leave it shrouded in mystery – believe me, there will be a lot happening on GOG.com in 2010. Yes, I am biased.

CD Projekt recently completed, a merger that caused the company to go public. What will this mean for the company in the future?

Actually we are still in the merging process, as it does take time, but essentially by the end of Q1 we should officially be a public company. Our original plan was to float the CD Projekt Group on the Warsaw stock exchange in 2008, but as the economy was going through turbulent times we had to put it on hold. When we saw the possibility of merging with an already listed company, we thought it could be a good idea to enter the stock market through a back door, and we went for it. Being on the stock market is another step for us in developing our business, a chance to raise capital and most of all to grow and move forward with our plans. It's definitely easier to get funding, and as we all know, developing and distributing games these days requires strong financial back-up. Still, being public does not mean we will become very corporate and too serious. Fear not – the real gamer spirit is still here :)

Can you give us an update on the status of Metropolis Software and their game previously known as They?

Unfortunately due to tough economy we had to put They on hold, as we have decided to allocate all resources to the next Witcher game in production. The Metropolis team is working together with CD Projekt RED to make sure we deliver an outstanding Witcher experience to our fans. Having said, that we have by far not buried They, and we would really like to return to it.

What's the current status of The Witcher 2 and its search for a publisher?

Witcher 2? Hmmm .... Are we working on such game? ;) Hehehe ... It wasn't officially announced, but as the leaked video on YouTube was seen by over 600k people, I can't even pretend it's a secret. The production is going really well and we should have quite a few important announcements this March. We are preparing a proper launch backed up with a lot of materials and we should be able to talk about our publishing partners, as well. The game should be absolutely amazing.

Finally is there anything else you want to tell us about CD Projekt, its games and GoG.com?

I would like to once again thank all our fans. We are really overwhelmed and grateful for all your support both on the Witcher and GOG.com fronts. I have to admit that we were a bit quiet on the development side, but do keep an eye on us, as from March onward there will be a lot of things happening around the next Witcher.

For all those who haven't tried GOG.com yet, I would like to encourage them to give us a try. We have a few totally free games to start with and with our DRM-free policy and lots of additional materials it is a really unique experience.

While I'm giving an Oscar-worthy speech, I'll thank the Big Download readers! The PC is not going away as a platform, and it's the people that stick with it through these "tough times" that give us a tremendous amount of hope for the future.


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