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Ubisoft to tie in future PC games to Ubi.com online accounts

A while back Ubisoft announced that it was thinking of ways to make their PC games less susceptible to piracy. Now it appears that their plans for their future PC games have been revealed. According to a GameSpy article, Ubisoft is looking to tie in all of their PC game releases to a player's Ubi.com online account.

That means that before you play any future PC game from the publisher you must first sign into your Ubi.com account. It also means even single player games from the company must have an online connection in order to be played. The upside of this plan is that Ubisoft will allow their PC games to be installed in as many PCs as a player likes. Company exec Brent Wilkinson states, "If you own a hundred PCs, you can install your games on a hundred PCs." Save games will also be stored online much like Valve's Steam Cloud program. Ubisoft will begin their new Ubi.com service with the public beta of The Settlers 7, which began on Monday.

We are sure lots of PC gamers won't like the fact they will have to sign online to play Ubisoft PC games in the future but the promise of unlimited installs and no need to hold onto a game disk once you pay for a game and register it at Ubi.com may be worth it.

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