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Lawsuit filed over Microsoft Points even as Microsoft thinks about ditching it

Games For Windows Live's Marketplace uses the infamous Microsoft Points system for downloading add-on content for Games For Windows titles such as all those Fallout 3 mini-expansions. It's the same system that's used for the Xbox 360 to purchase and download many different products for Microsoft's game console.

However the system has also been highly controversial for several reasons including the fact that most people are left with excess points they can't use to purchase items. In a recent G4TV chat, Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg said offering real world prices on all of their downloadable content is "something we're looking at doing." Now comes word via InformationWeek that a class action lawsuit has been filed against Microsoft surrounding Microsoft Points.

The lawsuit, filed by Samuel Lassoff of of Horsham, PA, said Microsoft is "collecting revenues for digital goods and services which were not provided" via the Microsoft Points system. He claims that a recent invoice from Microsoft showed "charges for purchases he couldn't complete". Microsoft has yet to respond to the lawsuit.


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