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Napoleon: Total War gets February 23 release date

While Ubisoft may have pushed back their RTS game R.U.S.E out of the first quater 2010 time frame, Sega is sticking with its schedule for releasing their RTS entry Napoleon: Total War. Today the game's developer The Creative Assembly announced in the game's message boards that the title is now scheduled for a February 23 release.

The game is a kind of stand alone follow up to 2009's Empire: Total War which takes place during the late 18th century. While some fans of the first game may have wondered why the Napoleonic Wars time period wasn't included in Empire: Total War, The Creative Assembly's Mike Simpson attempts to explain it in a new blog entry. He states, "....the level of detail required to successfully depict the Napoleonic wars is an order of magnitude greater than we were working to with Empire: Total War." He adds, " . . . it's a huge new experience and step up in quality. It should be fresh and different and interesting enough to hold their attention for many, many hours."

[Via Blue's News]


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